Prevention of CORONA virus spreading

CORONA virus emergency declaration has been lifted in many prefectures including Nara. Prevension of CORONA virus spreading however shall be continuosly exercised. Guesthouse Tamura will operate with comprehensive precausion to CORONA virus infection. That is:

1.Please sterilize your hannds before entering the room.

2. We will measure a body temperature upon check-in.

3. We reduce the number of people to accept in the both dormitry rooms.

4. Breakfast will be served to one group or up to two guets at a time.

5. Shower room will be sanitized after every use. So please book shower time.

6. Please ware a mask and secure social distance while you are in the hall room.


Besides: We prepare tea bags, coffee sticks and disposable table wares and cutleries.  The sanitization spray and wipe are availale any time.