Facility information


This is a main room of Tamura. There are check-in table and a table for coffee/tea.
Breakfast is served in this room. Free coffee is also available here, please relax and enjoy stay.
Free PC with an internet access is available.


When a fruit is, please take it freely.



Bath Room・Shower Room

This bathroom is furnished with a small Japanese style bathtub and shower. Japanese bath is available from October through May.
During summer time, only shower is available. There is a traditional Japanese public bathhouse in about 10 - 15-minute walk from us. It may be an interesting experience to visit a Japanese public bath house (Sento) in Nara machi. Please ask staff for details.

In addition to the bathroom, there is a shower room.

Shower Room



There are two toilets in Tamura. One is near dormitory room and the other is next the hall.


An automatic washing machine and dryer are available for guest for 100 yen per use. Detergent is also available at front desk for 50yen.

Internet and PC

Internet connection by WiFi is available in the guesthouse. There is also a PC for guest use in the hall.

Parking Space

Parking space for one car is available for \500/day.
Please book the car park when room reservation is made.